Jay Devaughn’s IT experience

June 11, 2016
Already possessing a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Alabama and a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Georgia-Athens, Jay Devaughn expanded his education by again attending the University of Alabama toward an MLIS, or Master’s of Library and Information Science. Able to attend his alma mater thanks to a full scholarship from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Devaughn changed career paths from his previous social work endeavors to a professional path in information technology following his MLIS graduation in 1999.

His career in this line of work began in 2000 with a move to Portland, Oregon, and work as a reference/information specialist, teaching community members how to use Google and other search engines, which were new and emerging technologies at this time. He then moved to a role with the Louisville Free Public Library system. Here, he continued to work with technology through a foundation-funded computer training centers where the public could take free classes in Microsoft Office as well as internet searching capabilities. Devaughn developed and taught information literacy classes in addition to other crucial IT classes for library guests, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and Powerpoint as well as HTML courses for beginners.